The Artists

Levina Ah FatName: Levina Ah Fat

Birthplace: Camooweal, North West Queensland.
Tribal Group: Alawa, Katherine Region N.T.
Skin Name: Nawurla.    Dreaming: Mermaid

Artist Profile.
I was born in Camooweal, Queensland but only resided there for two years. A couple of more years were spent on surrounding cattle properties around Camooweal. The rest of my life was spent here in the Katherine Region of the Northern Territory amongst my mother’s family.
My father is a Wannyi man from the Camooweal area of Queensland. My mother is an Alawa/Mara woman from the Roper Valley area of the Northern Territory. Following the Aboriginal Culture I claim my mother’s side, which is the Alawa/Mara tribe.
When I create my Aboriginal Art & Craft I use the four traditional colours which are white, black, red & yellow ochre. I also use a wider range of different colours in my artwork. My paintings relate mostly to the dreamings of my family and the bush tucker and animals we gathered and ate when we were growing up in this area.

I started learning to paint and explore the art world in my mid thirties. My inspiration to paint came from watching my younger brother create his art. He made painting look so easy and I never thought that I would be able to paint or create art pieces like I’m doing now. It took a lot of practice and patience to get to where I am at this present time. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and will strive to keep my Aboriginal culture alive and strong

I have three children all of whom were born in Katherine.My two daughters are also talented in this area and their artwork is quite different to mine, they have their own individual style.
I love to come up with ways of using natural bush materials to produce unusual pieces, this keeps my mind ticking over and thinking of how I can improve on my next piece.

I paint on traditional bush materials such as rocks, bark and wood and also on modern materials such as flat and stretched canvas and floor and slate tiles.

My craft works are cultural and contemporary. When I was growing up, the elders of my family often took us out into the surrounding countryside and taught us about the bush tucker, the land and the bush crafts.

What I learnt off them then, I now find invaluable as I am teaching my own children and grand children and anyone else who is willing to learn about Australian Aboriginal Culture and the Arts/Craft.



Arnold Von SendenArtist name: Arnold Von Senden
Birthplace: Mount Isa, North West Queensland
Tribal Group: Kalkadoon/Gangalidda
Skin Name: Janama (N.T.)
Aboriginal name: Jalapala
Dreaming: Peewee
Tribal Totem: Emu

Artist Profile.

My father is from the Kalkadoon tribe from the Mount Isa, Cloncurry and Camooweal areas of North West Queensland. We are family descendants directly linked to King Jerry Leichardt, Maggie Sawtell/Timbers and Nina Taylor all well know Kalkadoon people.

My mother is a Gangalidda woman from the Camooweal and Burketown areas of Queensland. Her family ties are with the Sarmardins and Kings. The Sarmardins are our ties with the Gangalidda tribe.

I was born in Mount Isa and for the first twenty-four years of my life I lived in the Camooweal and Mount Isa areas growing up in a multicultural society were everyone knew, lived and worked together.

I moved to Katherine N.T. in 1984 where I met my wife Levina, I have lived here since but Mount Isa will always be my home.

I create contemporary and traditional art and craft items that have meaning to me and what has been passed down to me by my elders. I use native bush timber and a lot of self imagination to make most of my wooden items.

I enjoy what I do and willingly share my knowledge with anyone who is interested in my culture, especially the children.



Sheyenne photo  Artist name: Sheyenne Von Senden

Birthplace: Katherine N.T.

Tribal Group: Alawa

 Skin Name: Nangari .     Dreaming: Sand Frog


Artist profile.

I am currently a year 12 student at Katherine High School.

I have been introduced to art at an early age from my parents, but I have found that recently I have begun to get more interested in painting. I have wanted to get that experience for a long time; but only now have I done something about it.

My family inspires me, they are encouraging; they give me constructive criticism and I don’t know what I would do without them. I am also inspired when I see a beautiful piece of art; it makes me want to do my own piece.

I do this type of art as a way to get all of what I’m thinking out, it’s just in a constructive way. I will continue to do art, as I have only just begun!

One of my biggest inspirations is my Mother who is a good artist; she is always encouraging me to be better.

One day I would love to be as talented as her.


Note: All artist above come from Indigenous and non Indigenous family backgrounds and we acknowledge and respect both family groups.