Number 7 Hook/Boomerang (right hand) Artist: Arnold Von Senden – Size: Length 67 cm x width across the hook 31 cm – Price: $120

This is a right handed Number 7/Hook Boomerang and has been made using timber from the native Cyprus Tree that grows in areas around the Katherine Region of the N.T.

When held in the right hand the flat side of the boomerang faces away from the thrower and the oval side of the boomerang is closest. This is how you determine A right hand boomerang.

To determine a left hand boomerang, hold the boomerang in your left hand, the flat side faces away from you and the oval side is closest to you.

This boomerang can be thrown in a downward motion or sideways in the same way a Killer Boomerang is thrown.

I found this tree which fell during a storm two wet seasons ago up on the Cullen River area which is between Katherine and Pine Creek.

As mentioned before this boomerang shape is unique as it was created by Levina’s Grand Father Fred Blitner who was an excellent boomerang maker.